Open to Your Healing

Marabeth Madsen, NC LMBT #11939, CA CMT #14222


"Working with Marabeth has inspired a new outlook for me on wellness and relaxation. Her intuitive guidance and patience have helped me further understand and explore my personal healing process. I have had the opportunity to experience multiple services from Marabeth, and each has provided great benefit. Her sincerity, passion, and knowledge is truly exceptional. She has been a fundamental part in improving my circulation, focus, and tranquility. I am so appreciative of the impact she's had on my healing and my life!" --Alisha Torrealba

"I have had the pleasure of receiving bodywork from Marabeth Madsen, affectionately known as "Mare", in several modalities over the past year and a half, getting to know her well as a person in the process. I strongly and enthusiastically recommend her work to anyone seeking healing, relaxation, and an improved quality of life overall. Mare is not only extremely knowledgeable regarding anatomy, energy flow, and other aspects of the healing arts, but she brings a high level of integrity, professionalism, and compassion to everything that she does. Her work is thorough and effective, and anyone who'd like to deepen their physical, emotional, and/or spiritual well-being through massage/bodywork, or the other modalities she offers, will be hard-pressed to find a more caring and dedicated practitioner than Mare."  --Fred Zarro

"Marabeth is the perfect massage therapist! She is very strong (amazing hands!), deeply aware and in the moment, intuitive with her touch and sensing of what is happening with your body and where it might need attention, and she brings a deep caring and nurturing that you can feel on all levels allowing you to deeply relax and simply let go. Thank You!" --Antonio Aversano

"Mare is truly a gifted soul who can work magic. She is incredibly intuitive and uses her many modalities to find and release tension. I work as a birth doula and after long births she has worked wonders on my sore muscles and helped me find places I was holding onto 'stuff' for releasing. I have recommended her to several clients and friends and ALL have raved about their massages with her." --Jenn Ready

"I have found Ms. Madsen's approach and technique to be incredibly effective, gentle, intuitive, and heart-centered. I highly recommend her services and am grateful for the healing she has fostered in my own life. Bright Blessings." --Phill Huber

"Marabeth is an incredible person who is a gifted healer! The space she holds is truly sacred and her intuition and wisdom of the body allowed me to experience a depth of healing that you can't get from just any massage therapist. I am grateful to have received body work from her." --Eden

"It has been a blessing to receive Mare's work as she uniquely holds a space anchored in Benevolence. She is able to give in so many different ways and has full capacity to tune herself to what I may be needing in any given session. Through her presence and touch I have experienced true release of patterns that were asking to be returned to Love. We are all capable of showing up for ourselves fully and it certainly helps to be witnessed. Mare has been of miraculous support in my process of receiving my strengths." --Angela Grace, Asheville, NC

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